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Talk about a great domain name! VK.com. It’s the shortened variation of http://vkontakte.ru/, and what a remarkable site it is! It is the Russian variation of Facebook, and while I have been a member for a while, I have only one friend on my list.

I do not speak Russian, and unfortunately there is no English translation for the website. I’ve muddled my way through the pages, copying text and pasting into the Babelfish.Yahoo.com translator, but it’s just a bit too messy a process to utilize on a regular basis; at least that is the present station for this particular website.

However, there is great potential here. The site has nearly the same trade dress as Facebook, and ВКонтакте (the Russian spelling) is created by another youthful genius of the development world, Pavel Durov. He’s quite a dashing fellow, too.

Wikipedia has an extensive article on VK.com, describing the site as a blend of YouTube, MySpace, and Pandora. Considering the website was only launched in September 2006, and it now has 60-million members, that’s an incredible achievement.

It will be interesting to see whether there may be some crossover partnership, at some point, between FB and VK. The way the Internet evolves, there’s no telling what could happen here.


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