J P Morgan Chase Polling Consumers About Facebook Apps

In a move that signals the possibility of an alliance, Chase.com is asking consumers to participate in a survey about how they use Facebook and how the banking behemoth may fit into that mix. Questions range from the mundane, about whether a person has a personal or business Facebook account, to the ethereal, such as whether a person would feel secure storing credit card information to purchase credits on Facebook apps, such as Farmville or Mafia Wars.

Neither Facebook nor Chase has indicated they will actually proceed with an alliance of any kind, but the survey does demonstrate the power of the social media giant, which Rodan Media has predicted will overtake Google, in terms of overall visits, sometime during the middle to late part of 2010.

Chase.com is ranked 368 by Alexa.com, which should demonstrate the size of their customer base. It is huge. Chase is not hurting for clients, and it is not hurting for money (troubled asset relief programs aside).

But Chase has been in the habit of doing something other banks have been slow to embrace, and that is to grab onto the 21st Century technology consumers want to use. For instance, the Chase iPhone App is an award winning application, and it is ridiculously simple in its elegance and function. (Note that, as designers, we said elegance, first. LOL!)

Being a banking concern, there is no surprise that Chase.com is now asking its consumers questions about how they use Facebook. The due diligence is underway, and this signals a possible fundamental shift in the way larger companies view search marketing and its place in the never-ending technological evolution and revolution.


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