Imagine Being Across From Grand Central Terminal. Now Imagine It Is Your Web Address!

There was a marvelously interesting conversation this evening with a long-time client; this particular fellow has also become a good friend over the years, and it was sad for me to watch him shut down his business. However, he took a new opportunity that could not be passed, and that is running one of South Florida’s larger A/C and heating contracting companies.

His business experience is extensive and has served him well, and it is also serving the A/C company quite well, save for one area: The Internet and Domains. He spoke of how his company is spending upward of $60K per month on Google advertising. This is a local company, mind you. At nearly $3/4-million per year on Google advertising, I asked him whether his company had considered putting in a bid to buy or

He was intrigued by the idea, but he seemed to brush it off as something that made no sense. He spoke of the marketing director his company had that knew how to handle things. We were in a social environment, so I didn’t press him too far on the marketing issue, save to invoke one of Rick Schwartz’s old observations. I asked him, somewhat rhetorically, who owned I then informed him it was not Wyndham or Marriott. appraises at a raw metric value of $573,000. If this company could acquire the domain for that amount, then they would save about $150,000 in the first year, if they stopped Google advertising altogether. After all, is a powerful type-in. is appraised, in very a very raw appraisal, at only $521,000; is $1.3-million.

Here’s the same problem domain investors are confronting when trying to reach end-users, the comment made by my friend as we parted company this evening. “Yeah, but it’s not available.”

I responded quite simply, “Oh, but you can get it. Just make an offer, and be serious about it.” is dedicated to redirecting targeted traffic seeking cheap airline tickets. is parked by a company that’s working with Melbourne IT in Australia to monetize the domain, and is actually for sale.

I’ve sent my friend information about how to acquire, which is for sale through Sedo. It will be interesting to see whether he makes an effort.


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Danny Pryor is a media, website and content developer based in Fort Lauderdale. He produces websites, video and other digital media through his company, Rodan Media, and is the executive director of the travel website,, which he co-owns with his business partners. Danny began website development in 2000, while working with Scoop Magazine, in Fort Lauderdale. His media and broadcasting career dates to 1988, when he began working in news radio, in Las Vegas. He has two awards from the Florida Associated Press, for Best Individual Achievement and for Best Spot News, for his radio news coverage of events in Miami, during 1992.

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