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The first total lunar eclipse to happen on a Solstice, in the age of the Internet, is about six minutes past peak totality. However, we must admit the totality will last for a quite a while longer. I feel sorry for our friends in Europe and South America and Africa, who got to taste the eclipse just before the sunrise in their part of the Earth.

For the rest of us, including we living in the South Florida Metroplex, the moon looks like this file picture from

lunar eclipse

A lunar eclipse of 2008. Photo from

The really cool thing about this lunar eclipse is that, not only is it the first Solstice Lunar Eclipse since 1638, it is also the first Solstice Lunar Eclipse during the domain age, when the world will have an opportunity to share their pictures globally via the Internet! This is an exciting time we are living in!

Not since just after Shakespeare died has a Solstice Lunar Eclipse happened, and a child born today will be 84 before the next one happens. These are rare events, these Solstice Lunar Eclipses.

I am now going to watch a bit more before going bed. It’s nearly 3:30 here.


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