New domain pricing is not half as bad as the companies taking advantage of it just sent me an email notifying me I would be paying a higher premium for my domain name registrations. Of course, I only have an account because of drops. Most of registrations are with or But the fact of domain and development life is that we will be paying more for domain registrations in the .com and .net TLDs after the middle of January.

What is not reality is paying an extra $5 per domain, when most companies will be raising their prices by a buck or less. The email notified me that .com registrations would be increasing from $34.95 to $39.95 per year.

Do we live in 1995? No. The price would be $100. Still, the price schedule requires balls. And they’re big, bright, shiny Christmas balls, too.

Honestly, with all the competition that is out there for registering domains, how in the WORLD can they get by with that ridiculous price schedule? I’ll pay a premium to get a name, particularly when I can afford the premium and the name is worth it to me. But I won’t pay a premium to renew. I search for discounts, baby!

That brings me to the website, which I think is a sublime way of getting discounts of new and renewing domains. After all, just because you’re with a company doesn’t mean they’re going to tell you about prevailing discounts.

But if you have a small account, then close it (this happened over the summer, when a client moved their hosting to from, all sorts of promo codes started showing up, as a lure.

No need to open shill accounts or get straw clients to handle these matters. It is a good way to find discounts online, helping to maintain a better buy in advance of the Verisign price increase, and’s amazing chutzpah.


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Danny Pryor is a media, website and content developer based in Fort Lauderdale. He produces websites, video and other digital media through his company, Rodan Media, and is the executive director of the travel website,, which he co-owns with his business partners. Danny began website development in 2000, while working with Scoop Magazine, in Fort Lauderdale. His media and broadcasting career dates to 1988, when he began working in news radio, in Las Vegas. He has two awards from the Florida Associated Press, for Best Individual Achievement and for Best Spot News, for his radio news coverage of events in Miami, during 1992.

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