A time of reflection as we look forward into 2012!

Happy Holidays to all of our family, friends, clients, and associates. 2011 has been an amazing fast and productive year, though things are never as productive as we dream or demand.

Nonetheless, as we roll through Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and even Festivus (we can’t help ourselves), we have to take a moment to look back on 2011 and forward to 2012. As the new year comes, we analyze our successes, indeed. More importantly, we examine our failures and our shortcomings.

This has been a year of growth for us, in a time when most people are still struggling with the consequences of a shaken economic foundation. Businesses are slowly growing and storing reserves, and so are we. Through 2011, we have reached our dragon claws into new areas, and we have pulled back from some plans that require new attention.

Our business model is predicated upon building domain networks, media networks, websites for business and personal clients, building into the cloud, expanding our content development in areas of writing, video and audio production. Our strongest assets are the creative elements we bring to each of these areas, backed by a solid foundation of new technology that helps that creativity reach the right audience, thereby helping people and their businesses achieve online success. We try to explain these things to potential investors. Most do not get it, even those in related industries. No matter. We know our course.

We have built new online apps, and we have continued developing our PaaS, notably our blog platform, presently deployed on a number of websites, including NeusNews.com andTargetedTraffic.com. We also built a custom parking reservations engine forNationalCheapAirportParking.com. And, we built and deployed that project, in BETA, in just three weeks! We are very proud of these partners and clients, and we look forward to a new year of growth a achievement with them.

We have also been helping individual companies and organizations deploy their own online content management systems, most notably, TheVeteransSupport.org. We have been developing mobile platforms, and we have begun experimenting with entertainment and news, both with our companion site VideoAndSound.com and a talk show site we started with Fort Lauderdale politician and activist, Dean Trantalis, at <a ‘http:=”” outlawshow.com’=”” target=”_blank”>OutLawShow.com. We are also working with a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist to help expand a blog, build a video site and deploy a media archive.

As we roll into 2012, we want to focus more on educating our clients, helping them to understand their options, the possibilities and, yes, the limitations, that will inevitably impact each of them as they continue or begin their online adventure. The world continues changing at an ever-rapid pace, which rapidity is accelerating with the further advent of technologies that, heretofore, had been only the contemplations of science fiction. Who would ever have imagined a 32-gigabyte telephone/computer/camera/video/calendar in, say, 1985, when the first domains went up for sale!? I would not. I was still programming mainframes that filled a room.

Speaking of mainframes and domains, our domain networks have taken a back seat during the past year, but our investment in new domains has not. 2012 will be the year we tear into the development of our news, domain and media networks, taking advantage of the past year (two and a half years, really) of cloud software development. We have acquired right domains, we have built the technology, and now we move forward with our grandiose but achievable plan to improve the Internet as we know it!

These are not pie-in-the-sky musings. These are the stuff of a company and its partners on a long-term mission. As we roll into 2012, we greatly look forward to all of the opportunities, however they manifest, to continue our business and personal growth.

Meanwhile, check out our FB Page and give us a “LIKE”, and you’ll also get a sneak peak at our refined logo, which will always incorporate our pet dragon. We love dragons. 🙂

Happy Holidays, once again, and we look forward to working with all of you in the New Year!


About the Author

Danny Pryor is a media, website and content developer based in Fort Lauderdale. He produces websites, video and other digital media through his company, Rodan Media, and is the executive director of the travel website, TurpikeInfo.com, which he co-owns with his business partners. Danny began website development in 2000, while working with Scoop Magazine, in Fort Lauderdale. His media and broadcasting career dates to 1988, when he began working in news radio, in Las Vegas. He has two awards from the Florida Associated Press, for Best Individual Achievement and for Best Spot News, for his radio news coverage of events in Miami, during 1992.

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