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Originally published September 18, 2013.
Danny Pryor

Danny Pryor standing against a blue screen wall in his small studio.

This is the part where I write about myself. Usually this is done in the third-person, but I am exhausted with the pedantic rephrasing of so much biographical material. When I write of another, I work well in the third-person. Writing of myself, I feel and sound disingenuous. The fact of the matter is I have a high opinion of myself, which taints my perspective, to be sure. That perspective is, itself, tainted by a continual flirtation with a sense of inadequacy and a penchant for second-guessing my every move.

How about that? Someone who could be called an expert in some areas also believes himself to only be a first-stage participant in the school of life! My certitudes are dangerous when they are so insistent. My willingness to question myself is an indespensible part of my inner beast, a part of me that tames the fearful reptile that lurks behind all conscious thought. It is that same fearful creature that also interrupts the work of the prefrontal cortex, which is always working to resolve issues without the need for claws or missles.

To that end, I present the blog that is a musing of my inner-most thoughts and feelings about the present station of humanity. Its purpose is to express enchantment with technological progress and changes in the cultural and geo-political landscapes. These things renew my inherent optimism. This blog also is designed to express the dastardly fears and qualms with the various factions of our species that are hell-bent to obliterate good sense and reason in favor of greed, power, lust or any of the other sins that were long ago identified.

It is a somewhat melancholy statement to concede the reality of technological governance. Machines and computers and electrical wiring do not actually tell us what to do. Indeed, these dependencies actually foster new liberties.

Fear must be overcome by careful thought, but there must also be a faith that the thought will be assimilated by others, even if to only give pause. Perhaps it could rise to influence another’s thinking. Writing this blog will have its greatest effect on me. It will suppress the proclivity of the inner reptile, determined its cold-blooded senses are better equipped to cope with the confusing and conflicting elements of our society and the technology that now rules it.

It is a somewhat melancholy statement to concede the reality of technological governance. Machines and computers and electrical wiring do not actually tell us what to do. Indeed, these dependencies actually foster new liberties, but our dependence upon them has permitted some skills and civilities to atrophy. This blog is an effort to reconnect on a human level and to participate in connecting the tactile and the technological such that the continued benefits overcome potential pitfalls.


I was born a few decades ago on Earth. My full name is Daniel Thomas Pryor. Technically, I am an only child, but I have several half sisters and a half brother. The family history is interesting. Some of our familiar controversy made it all the way to the North Carolina Supreme Court, in 1972. Such an event feeds my ego. My name is not mentioned, but my mother’s name is, and in a spit of ignominy, her name is misspelled. The case was Spence vs. Durham.

Being born as a part of controversy was not my intention, it was my father’s. It came to pass that more controversy, and even a few great achievements, would follow me, and they continue to affect my life today. Like so many of us, I went to school. I did well some years and poorly other years. School bored me much of the time, and the other children scared me to death. I never knew whether I was acting appropriately or in concert with given behavioral, cultural and linquistic trends. I was awkward.

I am gay. I fought that for a very long time. I did not ask for it. There was a time that I would wonder what it would be like to not be gay, whether I could change. I have forsaken that empty pursuit. While I used to wish I was not gay, that desire was not an internal one. It was the result of societal rejection and my need for approval.

I can not change being gay, and accepting that part of me, and so much more of who I am, has been the most difficult aspect of my passage on this terran soil. Today, I do accept who I am. Whatever the Universe holds for me, that mystery shall remain intact until my spirit flies from this place.

While I have been here, I have been a broadcast journalist, a print media writer, a voice-over artist, an unplanned guest at a jail or two, homeless, a near-millionaire, and now a self-employed joe acting much as a petit bourgeois might if confronted with the digital age. I own my job. It is a good career developing media for the web and other platforms. I do everything from writing to graphics to video and voice overs.

I want to see what comes next. I am curious, and I am also afraid, as the introductory paragraphs of this page clearly explain. However, it is the curiosity that lights my path. It may be the reason I have been a fair journalist. I won AP awards in 1992 for Best Individual Achievement in broadcasting in Florida, and I also shared the AP award with WINZ in Miami for Best Spot News, for coverage of Hurricane Andrew that year.

Red Rock and Mt. Charleston in Las Vegas

Looking west toward Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston, from a room at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

All of that marvelous skill and experience originated in a city that defines a professional attitude toward the cavalier, and that city is Las Vegas. I grew up there, and I still have a deep affection for the Southern Nevada area. I miss the mountains and mountain-climbing. It was a great escape and a great challenge for me. My best nature always shows itself when I hike mountains and explore. I will be doing it again.

What influences me is the belief we must use technology to explore, to learn, to grow, to play, to enhance and exalt our species and our civilization. What happens is the products of science are embraced, but the scientific method has never been more under assault. The mission to change that is part of who I am, and the very reason for this blog. It is an exploration of its own, and it is a search for truth.

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